FAUCON fire extinguisher spray


Is an innovative, versatile fire extinguishing instrument to protect life and property against the initial and advanced fire the A class (solid) and B class (liquid) fires, with multiple usage in house, kitchen, cottage, car, garage or wherever is a potential risk of fire. Handling is simple, safe and fire extinguishing of all types of fire



The spray is under pressure. It must be protected from direct sunlight. Do not expose to temperaturex exceeding 50°C. Temperature range of Fire extinguisher spray is from -15 to +50°C.



5 years from manufacturing date. Do not damage the container, or if the container is empty. The contetnt is not toxic, but after contact with skin, wash with water and if the symptoms persist, seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children even if the container is empty.



•  Maximum effective length of fire fighting is 4 meters
•  Volume is 600 ml
•  Fire fighting time 40 seconds
•  It is also suitable for extinguishing fires of oil and fats
•  Simple to use
•  Non toxic and enviroment friendly
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