FAUCON liquid extinguisher - INTRODUCTION

As one of the latest special fire extinguishing products, the late sixties brought liquid extinguishing products with supplements that improve extinguishing qualities of water. These products have a lot of positive qualities and are, as far as used quantity of material per burning surface is concerned, extremely effective. In addition to that, their spraying across the room is as simple as extinguishing fire with water.

The characteristics of FAUCON liquid extinguisher:

• It is a biodegradable liquid,
• There are no consequences as a result of extinguishing,
• The extinguishing is carried out without having to seal of the rooms (in comparison with CO2 medium),
• Evacuation of workers in not a necessary step for the beginning of extinguishing,
• The formation of a protective layer across the surface that prevents the surface from catching fire again,
• Verified effectiveness demonstrated with extinguishing simulated fires in lacquering chambers (paint rooms), fires of flammable liquids, transformers, plastic etc.,
• FAUCON liquid extinguisher is harmless to the environment and humans (complexity certificate).

FAUCON automatic fire-extinguishing system is, with regard to its function and to the characteristics of the liquid, appropriate for the protection of:

• Lacquers (paint rooms),
• transformers (interior and exterior),
• hydraulic power packs,
• machines used for plastic remodelling,
• flammable liquids storehouses,
• wood-processing industry,
• storehouses,
• tunnels (in testing).

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