We are living in the world of a new technology which helps us fulfill the requirements or expectations. The safety is one of them. Our company is interested in innovations, ecological technology and products which have facilities of creating circumstances for new vision. One of these products is a FAUCON - Automatic fire extinguisher, extreme effective against initial fire.


Each individual, each enterprise, each partner is an important link in the chain, as everyone adds their own missing piece of the puzzle of success. All of our employees are striving towards achieving the greatest possible satisfaction of our buyers and that is why we use the best products and the top-level technology to fulfill their expectations. We do our best to try to adapt to their needs, desires and safe way of living.
Strategic developmental direction, safety and optimal quality of products are the distinguishing elements of the personality and reputation of our trademark.


“If you damage your suit you would buy another one.
But if fire destroyed your property you would loose your lifelong opus.”

Debile fundamentum fallit opus.


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